dicon | dialog International Consulting has been among the first consultancies in the segment to offer a deep knowledge of highly customizable mobile advertising solutions. Today our portfolio consists of Programmatic Advertising, Targeted Advertising, classic Display Advertising and Video Advertising. So of course we do offer In-Stream Video Advertising and In-Banner Video Ads. But we don’t stop there.

We also provide you with a full-scale video ad

We also provide you with a full-scale video ad server that enables you to fully track and manage your campaigns across all channels. Your own ad server gives you centralized control and better insight in your campaign process and data ownership, which can help boost your business. You also have access to independent statistics that will help you audit the results reported by the publisher or a third-party. Especially video campaigns are one of, if not the most engaging ad format. Owning your server provides you with more control over the format of your video ad and the ability to optimize the delivery of your video ads by testing different ads and deciding, which should be released. If you are one of those advertisers that are launching a great number of video ads, get a dicon | dialog International Consulting video ad server now.As a preferred and trusted long-term partner of leading European and global carriers we provide SMS and voice information services for literally any kind of service you would like to offer to your clients. You name it – we develop it (or likely already have it on (digital) stock for launch).

Advertising Engines

Advertising professionals able to combine creativity, strategy and performance to ensure the most effective campaigns.

Expert Team

Data science and ground-breaking intelligence to deliver the highest conversion rates in any campaign.

Smart Technology

Extremely rigorous security tools to guarantee full compliance across the whole marketing process.

Anti-fraud Commitment

Direct Media Buying

On top of taking care of the more technical challenges, dicon | dialog International Consulting is also your media-buyer for platforms like google, facebook and others. Based on our specially developed, sophisticated Programmatic Buying software solution we automate the buying, placement, and optimization of your media inventory to bring you the best result possible with regards to money invested and customer reach.

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