dicon | dialog International Consulting

dicon | dialog International Consulting is a small but extremely efficient player in international consultancy.

TV marketing

The team serves top clients on challenging assignments globally and in various industries such as Healthcare, Telecommunication & Media field. 
Based on our proven expertise, long list of references, and clients in the aforementioned industries, more and more companies have grown to trust and value our service. 
In addition to technical knowledge and skills, we understand and successfully manage the complexities and risks arising from working in diverse languages and cultures, heterogeneous local requirements and also in changing legal frameworks.


Founded in 20012 dicon | dialog International Consulting employs the best experts in Europe and the Middle East. We have always combined a deep market knowledge with the expertise of global consultancy. Our partners have all worked in consultancies and other well know operative enterprises. This allows us to have a clear picture


With the rise of digital technologies and the internet, the media industry is changing fundamentally. Traditional content providers are competing with emerging companies for market share. Business models and strategies are being overturned daily in order to survive in a changing media landscape. Our consultants have close relationships with the top leaders in the media industry and in-depth first-hand industry knowledge. This enables them to optimally support our clients when it comes to developing content and reaching the right audience.


The telecommunication industry continues to change. This change is driven by new applications and innovative service offerings, a rapidly growing range of new devices and new opportunities in growth markets around the world. New dynamic competitive environments and new business models are emerging every day. However, change also brings new risks and challenges. We know the top leaders in new technologies and the services that will fundamentally change the industry in the coming decade.