Business is telecommunications or media? You need experts short term because you need fresh, unbiased input for your strategy or a project or you are short on recourses? dicon | dialog International Consulting provide outstanding profesionals and experts for your business with guaranteed results and best performing solutions.


Take profit from our expertise in the fields of Digital advertising, DRTV, Telecommunication and IT. Our consultants have longstanding experience in the industry and thus know the challenges, clients like yourself often face, wheter those are based on reorganization, a temporary lack of recourses, revenue pressure based on shareholder value expectations, missing expertise entering a new field of business or simply the demand of external ideas when needed.

Our interim managers

We are fully operational within a couple of days wherever you need them, ready to lead strategic projects, implement new products and technologies or to act as the desperately needed additional hand on deck whenever resources a scarce. 

In addition to our own consulting services, we recruit and mediate external experts who are among the best in the market, based on partnerships that have been developed and established over many years. We exclusively recruit candidates that have experience in your industry, are familiar with relevant corporate structures and know both internal processes as well as the current instruments.

Short term won’t cut it? We will also gladly support you on mid to long-term projects.